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Let’s face it. We all need help at some point in our lives. Whether you need help preparing for an exam, clarification of a topic, reinforcement for a class, want to learn something new, or want to get ahead, we are here for you. We offer individual and group tutoring sessions, in-person and online for elementary through adult learners. 

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  4. Take pre-assessments (K-12).
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Prepare to be “MPower”ed!

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Fill out a form for each person receiving services through Greater MPower Tutoring.

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Annual Registration Fee

$99.00 per client


Single 1-Hour Session


Tutoring as you need it.

4 One-Hour Sessions


Monthly or bi-monthly package.

Annual Package

~call for pricing~

5% discount

Table of Contents

Are all tutoring sessions the same?

Tutoring sessions are not all the same. We tailor each session around a specific objective.

Tutoring Objectives 

Clients typically have the following objectives for their sessions:


They need a concept re-taught in a manner that they can understand.


They understand the concept in theory but need help applying what they have learned.


They need to brush up on what they learned.

Getting the Most Out of Tutoring 

Before Your Session 


Familiarize yourself with the subject matter by reviewing notes, learning key terms and formulas, skimming through the textbook and coming up with a list of specific questions to ask your tutor. 

During Tutoring 


Tell the tutor what you wish to get out of the tutoring session. Before the session ends, make sure the tutor answers your questions thoroughly and that you can apply your knowledge without prompting or guidance from the tutor. 

After Tutoring 


Tutoring is just the beginning. After your session, fill in your notes with any missing or new information. Apply your new knowledge by working more problems or using some other activity to reinforce and assess your understanding. Remember, perfect practice yields perfect results so…practice, Practice, PRACTICE! 



Do not be afraid to ask your child what they learned in school or in their tutoring session. Ask them to teach you. Have realistic expectations but challenge them, as well. 

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