Let’s face it. We all need help at some point in our lives. Whether you need help preparing for an exam, clarification of a topic, or reinforcement for a class, we are here for you. We offer individual and group tutoring sessions online for elementary through adult learners. 


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Are all tutoring sessions the same?

Tutoring sessions are not all the same. We tailor each session around a specific goal, whether it be to better understand a topic, prepare for an exam, or even get ahead.

Four  Types of Tutoring 

Homework Help 

This type of tutoring is best for students that have an A/B class average, understand the topic theoretically but need help with the application. These types of sessions last one hour and are scheduled as needed throughout the term. 


Test/Quiz Preparation 

This type of tutoring session consists of a thorough review of the topics and practice problems. These sessions last between one and two hours and should be scheduled, at least, 3 days before the tests or quiz. This option is good for group sessions of three or less. 



Best for students that have a B/C average in class, and need help gaining complete understanding. This tutoring includes explanation of the topic as well as sample and practice problems. These sessions are generally one or two hours weekly to achieve maximum results.  

Foundation Building 

These types of sessions are best for students that feel overwhelmed because they lack a strong foundation in the class. These sessions should be scheduled at least twice a week, for one to two hours at a time, until the deficiencies are cleared.  


Homeschool Students 

We offer classes and tutoring for homeschool students. Contact us if you are looking to hire a teacher for a specific subject. 

Standardized Test Preparation  

(ACT, SAT, GED, Compass, GACE) 

These sessions cover test taking techniques, a thorough review of the topics with explanations, examples, and practice problems. These sessions are offered to individuals or groups, as an entire course or as “as needed” sessions. 

Getting the Most Out of Tutoring 

Before Your Session 


Familiarize yourself with the subject matter by reviewing notes, learning key terms and formulas, skimming through the textbook and coming up with a list of specific questions to ask your tutor. 

During Tutoring 


Tell the tutor what you wish to get out of the tutoring session. Before the session ends, make sure the tutor answers your questions thoroughly and that you can apply your knowledge without prompting or guidance from the tutor. 

After Tutoring 


Tutoring is just the beginning. After your session, fill in your notes with any missing or new information. Apply your new knowledge by working more problems or using some other activity to reinforce and assess your understanding. Remember, perfect practice yields perfect results so…practice, Practice, PRACTICE! 



Do not be afraid to ask your child what they learned in school or in their tutoring session. Ask them to teach you. Have realistic expectations but challenge them, as well. 

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