“M” Power is fueled by a growth mindset that leads to subject mastery and based in knowing the Master.


Youth who are well-rounded, successful community and global business leaders.


Equip youth with the necessary knowledge (continuing education: classes, seminars), tools (equipment), skills (internships, entrepreneurship, training, tutoring), and support (coaching, mentoring) to become well-rounded, successful community and global business leaders.

“Wisdom begins with respect for the Lord. And understanding begins with knowing God, the Holy One.”
~Proverbs 9:10 (ICB-International Children’s Bible)

Phaidra C. Wright

I 💛 MATH . 

This has not always been the case, nor has math always been easy for me. In fact, I had to repeat a math course in middle school because I wanted to take shortcuts. I did not want to do my part and read the textbook but wanted my dad to explain it to me. My dad is not a “hand holder”, so those help sessions with him were a nightmare for both of us. Math and I got along well until I met Calculus my freshman year of college.

Calculus was so confounding that I called home and told my parents that I wanted to go to Africa as a missionary (*true story). Of course, they did not buy into my sudden bend toward benevolence, so I had to confess that I just “didn’t get” calculus. It was not the teacher’s fault; I was not prepared for that type of math at the time.

I eked out a B- then a C in the class, but those final grades did not sit well with me. When I enrolled in graduate school, I voluntarily enrolled in a Calculus class to prove to myself that I could excel in Calculus. I scored perfectly on many tests and assignments, just like I knew that I could, and finally ACED calculus!

Why do I tell you this? Through my struggles I have learned the following:

  • Do not take shortcuts when struggling in a class. Put the needed time in to study the material.
  • It is not always the teacher’s fault why you do not understand. Learning a new topic becomes more complicated when a student’s foundation is not strong.
  • Just because you struggle with something at first does not mean that you will always struggle with it.

I tackled that math course and others and eventually fell in love with math. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. I have taught and tutored elementary, middle, high school, college and adult students.

My journey has taught me patience, perseverance and an understanding of my clients. I strive to connect with my clients where they are and guide them to where they want to be. I love to learn, I love to teach, I would love to help you.

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