“M” Power is fueled by mindset and subject mastery.

At Greater M Power Tutoring we try to instill in our students that they CAN learn and excel. We create a nurturing atmosphere and simultaneously prod our students to stretch themselves. Our clients learn how to learn the subject matter. We have transformed students from under-achievers to most improved in the school, from poor readers to more confident and engaged students, and boosted college entrance exam scores. Let us “M” Power you, too!


We believe that developing a positive view toward education and learning is vital to becoming academically successful. A person may not love every class they take but they can purpose to do their absolute best and learn for the long term. A positive attitude will carry you through the times when school becomes a challenge. We pour positive words into our clients, and encourage them to be their best, because we genuinely believe in them.


Our job is to help you master the topic at hand. Our goal is to create “aha!” moments and we promise to try various approaches to help you. Our mission is to provide quality, personal, one on one help to clients, enabling them to understand topics and concepts they previously struggled with.

With the proper mindset and me aiding your mastery, you can be “mPower”ed to do even greater things!

Phaidra C. Wright

I 💛 MATH . 

This has not always been the case, nor has math always been easy for me. In fact, I had to repeat a math course in middle school because I wanted to take shortcuts. I did not want to do my part and read the textbook but wanted my dad to explain it to me. My dad is not a “hand holder”, so those help sessions with him were a nightmare for both of us. Math and I got along well until I met Calculus my freshman year of college.

Calculus was so confounding that I called home and told my parents that I wanted to go to Africa as a missionary (*true story). Of course, they did not buy into my sudden bend toward benevolence, so I had to confess that I just “didn’t get” calculus. It was not the teacher’s fault; I was not prepared for that type of math at the time.

I eked out a B- then a C in the class, but those final grades did not sit well with me. When I enrolled in graduate school, I voluntarily enrolled in a Calculus class to prove to myself that I could excel in Calculus. I scored perfectly on many tests and assignments, just like I knew that I could, and finally ACED calculus!

Why do I tell you this? Through my struggles I have learned the following:

  • Do not take shortcuts when struggling in a class. Put the needed time in to study the material.
  • It is not always the teacher’s fault why you do not understand. Learning a new topic becomes more complicated when a student’s foundation is not strong.
  • Just because you struggle with something at first does not mean that you will always struggle with it.

I tackled that math course and others and eventually fell in love with math. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Architectural Studies and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering. I have taught and tutored elementary, middle, high school, college and adult students.

My journey has taught me patience, perseverance and an understanding of my clients. I strive to connect with my clients where they are and guide them to where they want to be. I love to learn, I love to teach, I would love to help you.


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