SW Atlanta Christian Homeschool (SWAtCH) Co-op


Education + Salvation


Preparation for this life and the life to come.


I study your teachings very carefully so that I will not sin against you.

Psalm 119:11

Central Verses

9 How can a young person live a pure life?
    By obeying your word.
10 I try with all my heart to serve you.
    Help me obey your commands.
11 I study your teachings very carefully
    so that I will not sin against you.
12 Lord, you are worthy of praise!
    Teach me your laws.
13 I will repeat the laws we have heard from you.
14 I enjoy following your rules
    as much as others enjoy great riches.
15 I will study your instructions.
    I will give thought to your way of life.
16 I enjoy your laws.
    I will not forget your word.

Psalm 119:9-16


What is a homeschool co-op?

When a group of families meet and work together to achieve mutual goals, that group is called a co-op.


What do we do?

So many people have been asking. Is there a Christian Homeschooling group in SW Atlanta. YES! Yes, there is. US!

  • Academic & non-academic classes
  • Field Trips
  • Community Service Projects
  • Life Skills
  • Character Development
  • S.T.E.A.M. focused activities
  • Clubs

Why should I join?

Membership Perks




Weekly meetings

“Mommy Breather Sessions” every other month


Birthday Club

Free and discounted events

When do we meet?

We meet on Mondays & Tuesdays.

Mondays-We engage in more experiential learning as a group. Each month has a different theme that we will explore in a variety of ways.

Wednesdays-We offer a variety of classes, group tutoring, and individual tutoring. Prices vary.

Registration Forms

Application Form 

Medical Form

Student Conduct Pledge

Parent Agreement

Policies & Procedures

Registration Fees

Choose from three levels of participation:

  • Annual $250
  • Monthly $25
  • Per event $15

Quarter 1 Monthly Themes

Believe to Achieve

Get the year started on the right foot.

It's All Love

Love, love, love, love, love your neighbor as yourself.

Loved, Not Lucky

I’m not lucky. I’m loved by God.

Wednesday Classes

Click on each class to learn about the teacher, class time, price, and required material.

  • Spanish Explorations
  • Middle School Spanish
  • Tutoring

Wednesday Schedule

9:30 am  – 9:55 am Chapel

10:00 am – 10: 45 am (Class 1)

10:50 am – 11:40 am (Class 2)

11:45 am – 12:30 pm (Class 3)

12:30 pm – 12:50 pm LUNCH BREAK

12:55 pm – 1:40 pm (Class 4)

1:45 pm – 2:30 pm (Class 5)

Important Dates Fall 2023


1 July| Registration Open

7 July| In-Person Open House

8 August| Teacher Pre-Planning

10 August| Family Orientation

15 August| 1st Day of School

5 September| School Closed for Labor Day

10-14 October| Fall Break

~Supporting SW Atlanta Homeschooling Families.~



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