• Participants will have fun with a specially themed program that includes offline activities, building and programming their Lego creations, then sharing what they learned.
  • Class is 3 hours long
  • Required group size: 6-8 students


We’ve partnered with the Fulton County Library System to offer Bilingual Storytime. Check your libraries to see when we will be in your neighborhood.

It is Spanish story time! Gather your kids to enjoy stories, rhymes and fun and learn some Spanish.

Next Bilingual Storytime

June 12, 2023 @ Evelyn G Lowery Library

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Nos hemos asociado con el Sistema de Bibliotecas del Condado de Fulton para ofrecer Hora del Cuento. Consulte sus bibliotecas para ver cuándo estaremos en su vecindario.

¡Es la hora del cuento español! Reúna a sus hijos para disfrutar de historias, rimas y diversión. Y ¡Todo en español!

la proxima “Hora del Cuento”

After-School Programming

We partnered with Future Seekers, Inc to offer math clinic at the Benjamin E. Mays High School in Atlanta. Who knew math could be so much fun?!

Summer Math Clinic

Look for us at the following locations:


We offer these programs to organizations such as schools, homeschool groups, libraries, churches, youth programs (YMCA, BGClubs), etc.

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